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  1. If notes had a full featured Comments feature ala Facebook..to add items to a Note, it'd be huge for me in researching and gathering information.
  2. Been using Evernote since 2008. Stopped about a year ago. If Evernote Notes had "Comment" boxes so I could add items to notes and if the note's tags were integrated with notes (visible and click able), I wouldn't look at another App. I think Notion is the future of these apps. The flexibility and options completely leave Evernote in the dust. Notion's UI needs Streamlined that's about it...but they are very young, and listen to their users so the growth curve will be fast.
  3. My deepest darkest wish has always been for Note comments, Displayed as and with UI similar to Facebook....interactive for anyone sharing the notebook. As with the image depicted! ! Would allow for interaction,but more importantly would allow for expansion of the Notes content,additional thoughts on a clipped web site, additional urls , images etc....serving functionally as nested notes rls,images
  4. The web Clipper is incredible. Separate GPlay download. Check it out. Handwriting is good to go
  5. I have Wiz Notes also with all key Evernote notes loaded. Best app of its kind only issues is its marketed to China primarily. $16/year has you 10,000G Mo. And features and look are brilliant PC even better. Clipper is great
  6. Nimbus by far is the app that has all Evernote's but tops it on a number of key fronts.
  7. Evernote user responsiveness is the poorest I've seen in 20yrs of using online products. I'm assuming the new 'help' forums will help somewhat.
  8. Other than user support, which has always been poor) I'm surprised at the growing backlash at Evernote lately..(maybe it's primarily windows users). Aren't many apps that do all it does. Having said that, as a power user, I am always amazed at their development priorities....meaning the many improvements for the Android app for example in lieu of basic data management features: sort by tag, bulk edit (delete, add to notebook, tag, merge, copy link). If your a power user this gets tedious doing it one by one. These are in beta versions of most apps like this. And a list I have of 15 or so more ergonomic style improvements in editing (title of a site/article auto inserted as note title, auto insert cursor when touching note screen, etc, etc...But they're still not enough to shift me to another app...there's always at least one key thing missing on every other app I need.
  9. Wiz Notes also....it's features are better than Evernote and mobile app is superb. Trouble is its a Chinese app (huge over there) ...meaning communication is a little more troublesome. I have a guy who's my goto, who set me up w/Premium ($16.00 yr). Mail in functionality is great. 10Gb/Mo storage
  10. Really? Have you tried communicating with any of these: Apple Microsoft GoogleApple is by far the worst, IMO, and I generally love Apple products. But when I have a complaint, bug report, or feature request, all I can do is to submit into the black hole known as Apple Feedback. If you even try to post that stuff on the Apple Communities board, you immediately get yelled at, and most likely your post will be removed. Although I've rarely seen Microsoft directly respond to users posts, on many of the Microsoft boards they are supported by MVP people, who are generally very knowledgable, even though they do NOT speak for MS. ImI'm
  11. EN product has had the poorest user-communication for applications of its type I've seen. It's lack thereof has been off-putting and insulting. It's perhaps started a turnaround. Evernote has the potential for extraordinary growth as an app, in functionality and revenue generated by that functionality. Pretty sure the new guy sees it.
  12. Well I don't use Evernote like you. This feature is on the Windows app and I refer to the tag grouping repeatedly. But I use the android app way more and that's not an option unfortunately. It just makes sense. In lieu of Nested notebooks tag organization is used widely on Evernote. To have Notebooks content sorted by tag is an obvious natural step. If it seems unnecessary to you , so be it.
  13. The only thing that keeps me from using Centrallo is their note's media display which I hate. Looks very amateurish. I need (for work) full image display within the Note as Evernote has and an opportunity to provide comments between images and annotate.
  14. Hmm, thank you Robert. That's what I was wondering. Have you tried it?
  15. I throw this need out there about once maybe twice a year....and it's time for it again! This would help my work flow immensely. When it became obvious in 2008 that Evernote had no interested in nested Notebooks and tags were to be the organizational structure dujour I adapted. Am fine with it. I am a mobile user predominantly. So I was and am dumbfounded that the ability to simply sort my notebook items by TAG wasn't supported. I'm dumbfounded times seven 7years later! Its the closest we'd get visually to the folders-with-nested-folders look So, years the shoutout again for what it's worth in 2015!
  16. Hey With root, data can be stored on SdCard. Wondering if anyone who has done that for a while can report any issues with it. Thanks
  17. I'll pay the going rate ($50yr... thats nothing) for a quality product
  18. Please explain in detail. Thx. ~ Alan I assume the Google Drive/Trello app alternative is clear. There is also an extraordinary Web app: Memit (Memit.com)...who is releasing their Android and IOS mobile app within a few weeks. It is more of a content curation app but it organizes my data superbly (for my use). Notes in multiple folders, Tags and subtags etc. I imported all my 7000+ Springpad notes there and they auto organized beautifully. An Evernote importer is forthcoming.
  19. If I was severed from Evernote Google Drive and/or Trello would be my Goto. (leaving the pending Memit release for review).
  20. Yeah sharing will only send the links to the note. Its the same with most note apps. Emailing to other apps that have email addresses (Trello etc) does a nice job of sending actual note contents though.
  21. Huh? You mean Notebook? I have many Notebooks with 5-10 tags associated with it. At this point I wouldn't be particular about how the tags would be sorted. As long as the Notebook tag sort is clearly marked. Undoubtedly it would be alphabetical if done as with Windows. Even better is as with Wiz Notes which has each Notebooks Tags in a list in clickable form...click it and obviously it opens up the notes tagged as such in that Notebook.
  22. This is one of 3 or 4 feature requests I only make once a year or so now rather rhetorically actually because of after 5 or 6 years of living without this no-brainer need in this app, it's too exasperating to deal with it any more frequently than that.... and that is sort Notebook notes by tag. For an organizational app that espouses tagging in lieu of sub Notebooks (no problem with that) as an organizational strategy, it remains dumb-founding then that tags can not delineate a Notebook's content!
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