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  1. Just updated to 10.13 version on iOS - hopefully this issue would have been addressed
  2. i really like this idea. I would readily signup for this. and like @PinkElephant point that it will also usher in the new generation of users. The pricing can be a little discounted to the 5 premium users.
  3. I strongly stand behind the EN team. I deeply appreciate the effort required to build things ground up when the legacy is already rocking it. Demonstrates vision, courage, leadership and long term commitment to users. The team has been working through the pandemic and delivering the goods. I can find lots of reasons to be dissatisfied but I choose to focus on the EXTRAORDINARY effort of the team. way to go TEAM. And Ian superlative leadership.
  4. Not sure why I am facing this issue. I double/triple checked and it’s still the same - doesn’t work. many suggestions about next steps.
  5. Hi I am using macOS Big Sur 11.4. , EN 10.14.6 for me Cmd+Ctrl + H is not working for highlighting. Curiously Cmd+ Ctrl + Fn + H does the highlighting. However, I dont think that this is the expected behaviour hence bringing it your notice. BTW - you guys are doing a great job. Keep it up. I am very excited to see what big things are in store once we the new EN is at par with legacy. Thanks
  6. This feature is now live. I was having issues with it last evening (India) but the team has done their magic and now its working. Kudos to the team for their Quick Reaction
  7. Not sure what happened - Release note mentioned that Cmd-J is available in the latest release - 10.14.6 ; but it doesnt work for me
  8. Ditto I was hoping to have a workaround around this. All my notes in penultimate , scannable get auto synced in EN but when i review it I want to add my thoughts / change the subject from the default , merge it with other notes etc, which is not allowed and is frustrating at times. Request the dev team to address the matter thanks Dinesh
  9. Update from India - I have finally got my Evernote android upgrade from 8.13 to 10.5 .🤠
  10. Uninstalled 10.8.4 from Big Sur. Downloaded from website and now its working. Thanks
  11. i must complement the EN team. They are working super hard to get features rolling out. Obviously there is a lot to be done and the team is doing it . I am rooting for the v10 even though there are issues and bugs (as is the case with a lot of apps)
  12. ditto . On android 11 and yet no sign of 10.4 version on Google Play Store in India. Still stuck with 8.13
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