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  1. Super! Thank you all for nice tips. I will modify the "Find in Evernote" shortcut - that will solve my problem. Thank you...
  2. Hi, I looking for a search modifier that makes it possible to search in all notebooks, without having to include all notebooks in my search query (notebook:personal notebook:work notebook:travel search_string). I know that I can just click on All Notebooks before making my search, but I often like to navigate and search using keyboard and without using my mouse. I am sorry if this is a trivial question, but I have looked and not yet found a solution.
  3. I also have experienced problems with searching my notes, especially the ones with pdf documents in them. In my notebook I have about 300 notes with pdf documents in various sizes (from 1mb to 18 mb) and when I search my notes, Evernote often freezes and my mouse cursor turns into the spinning ball and I have to restart Evernote. I am very excited about Evernote, but improved or optimized search capability would make it my favorit. My equipment: Macbook Pro 2.53 intel core 2 duo 4 GB memory OS X 10.5.7 Evernote 1.4.4
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