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  1. I've finally gotten around to posting a litany of my complaints against Skitch 2.0. I'm considering going back to LittleSnapper, which does have FTP sharing and many of the other features removed in Skitch 2.0.
  2. throck is right: the issue is caused by the "Show Skitch" setting. Why this would suddenly stop working is a mystery, but it's probably due to skitch.com disappearing. It's unnecessary to delete/re-create any preference files -- just change the setting from "Menu bar".
  3. Single-page PDF annotation is available in Skitch 1 for Mac. Removed from Skitch 2.
  4. Adam, there's not a quick way to do that with Skitch 2. You have a number of options for sharing with Skitch 1, however -- and a number of features that were removed in v2, as well. Something I've done in Skitch 1 can be done as well in Skitch 2: export the image to your Dropbox folder, then get a public link to the file.
  5. I'm using version 1.0.12. You all know why. Today when I save to history, my snaps aren't syncing to Evernote. When I attempt to share, I'm asked to sign in and then I'm told the connection is refused. Yes, my preferences are set to use Evernote, not skitch.com. And the Share preferences for Evernote indicate I'm currently logged in. I can sign in on the web, in the desktop app, and in the iPad app, so the password is good. Have legacy Skitch users been cut off from Evernote?
  6. Dumbstruck. Rolling back to 1.0.12.
  7. Just wanted to report an error I received after installing the Evernote Clipper Extension for Safari for the first time: Yes, I got that in Safari. I'd just attempted to sign in, had allowed all cookies, but got no further than this message. Restarting Safari solved the issue -- in fact, after restarting I found that I was logged in already.
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