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  1. Looking into it, thanks for posting. It works. I thought the syncing was finished because the notification window disappeared. I shut down and reopened Evernote and when the sync notification came up I didn't touch it until it was done.
  2. When scanning into Evernote, this version, using Scansnap s300m, growls says it's clipped to Evernote but can't find it anywhere. Usually it goes to my inbox but can't even see it from all notebooks. I can drop the scan into a new note and it appears.
  3. That worked. Thank you! Best app ever!!!
  4. I moved it back and still no widget. Do I need to uninstall and reinstall back on the main memory? Thanks, Jeff
  5. I can't open my PDF files on Evernote on the Pre using either the Pre App or the mobile web version.
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