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  1. Using the very basic formatting options available in the desktop client still can't seem to make it onto the web or email versions.

    For example my notes are always created with the default Arial as font. On the web this displays as Times.

    Things that are not bold on the desktop show up as bold on the web version, and vice-versa. This isn't to say they are exact opposites of eachother, but that there are random differences.

    Colours are generally correct, though sometimes not.

    Font sizes are often wrong. Particularly headings using a larger font often appear at the default size.

    I really like the idea of Evernote, especially now that I have an iPhone I'd like to use it as a repository for taking rich notes, but it currently seems to be almost unusable for anything other than plain unformatted text. I don't want to be overly critical but it amazes me that an editor with so few formatting options available to it cannot be reproduced across platforms.

    Perhaps you might consider using a web and javascript-based solution? There are a number of decent wysiwyg rich text editors available for free such as FCKEditor or TinyMCE which can use simple and clean HTML which can be displayed on just about any device.

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