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  1. This popped up again for me yesterday and got to the point of popping up between every 30 seconds to a minute. Evernote 7.14 on High Sierra. I got the messages to stop just now by using: "rm /Applications/Evernote.app/Contents/PlugIns/EvernoteSpotlight.appex/Contents/MacOS/EvernoteSpotlight" This is so annoying... and aggravating that this has still not been fixed. I've been using Evernote pretty much since the beginning and have been a premium subscriber for 8+ years. I've tolerated this recurring annoyance because I didn't use my Mac as much as I do now. Working from home because I have to has me on my computer most of the day and when this kicks up it really does begin to interfere with my getting work done. It might be time to go... Karl
  2. Confirmed by support ticket Outlook 2007 isn't supported any more.
  3. Hi there... I noticed this morning after upgrading to v6.0.6 that the Evernote plugin in windows didn't appear in the toolbar. I removed and reinstalled Evernote, but no button. I'm using windows 7 and outlook 2007... is this supported? Something else going on?? Thanks! Karl
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