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  1. I am getting this now too. I keep finding myself going places and trying to pull up grocery lists or addresses of place or other things I need to check and just have to sit there with the spinning "loading" symbol until it finally times out and gives up and tells me I am in offline mode and that no notes met my search criteria or that I have no notes. This sort of behavior makes it extremely difficult to use this program for what I understood that it was intended for and these kinds of problems happen far too often for me to be able to trust Evernote so I end up emailing things to myself so I can check my email on my Pre for information I might need. I sincerely hope these issues get sorted out, whether they are with Evernote or with the way that the Pre syncs (also extremely possibly) because Evernote does seem like a very nice program that would be great if it was reliable.
  2. This happened to me last night. I made a note and it just kept giving me an error saying that it was unable to save the note when I tried clicking on the save icon and also when I backed out of the edit interface of the note. I had full to near full bars and was not using wifi.
  3. Thanks for heads up on why it is the way it is. It makes far more sense. I am actually most concerned with any Notes that I have currently opened, not all my notes. In my grocery store shopping example, I have a note open on the Pre, the Pre falls asleep or I switch apps, and go back to the Note and it needs to reload from the cloud. Is there a way to just store any open notes in memory or would that be something Palm would prevent or disallow?
  4. So I go to the grocery store, open Evernote, open my shopping list and start shopping. The screen locks as I am picking something out so I unlock the phone and the note is blank. I try to sync and I get "An error occurred while loading the note" because now I am deep in the store and without cell reception. I now need to walk back to the front of the store, find reception so that I can sync the note again and then take care to not let the Pre's screen sleep again. This is a terrible. Cache the note on the phone until I close the note. If the app on the Pre ever wants to connect to the cloud and check to see if there is a new version of the note I have open, that is fine, but if it fails, don't show me an error and an empty note. Show me the cached note!
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