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  1. Hi, I have just installed Apple's new Mountain Lion (OSX 10.8.x) developer preview on my Mac Air and my notes will not migrate successfully without crashing the app. Just a heads up since it's not in everyone's hands yet. Steps to reproduce: 1. Install OSX Mountain Lion. 2. Download Evernote for the Mac (latest release version). 3. Run Evernote for the Mac. * The migration process starts but crashes after attempting the migration for a few seconds. I have attached the dump. Thanks, Ben spinthought en_306_mountainlion_crash.rtf
  2. Just a suggestion if you do decide to implement an insert date/time feature within the products; perhaps add a simple icon to the right of the "updated" date that inserts the date/time at the cursor point. And a shortcut key of course if the focus is on Evernote. I'd love it for tracking phone conversations. And yes, I know there are workarounds to do this, but I believe the initial poster was asking if the Evernote team would consider it. Thanks!
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