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  1. The issue with my subscription was resolved by the customer support. Thanks @gazumped for the help! 🙂
  2. I can see all my notes. I suppose this is some bug/glitch in the notifications received by Evernote from iTunes - to upgrade from Plus to Premium iTunes cancelled the Plus subscription and started new Premium subscription. If the notifications of these two actions were received in wrong order what might have happened is this - Evernote got notification that I paid for "Premium" and upgraded my subscription, but then it got the notification that my previous "Plus" subscription is cancelled so it cancelled my Premium subscription and this is why I am on "Basic" now. Hopefully I will ge
  3. Anyone having the same experience? I had an active Evernote Plus subscription via iTunes and decided to upgrade to Evernote Premium. Initially it seemed like the change was ok - when I logged out / in on my iPhone the subscription changed to Premium - this was yesterday. Today somehow my subscription is cancelled and now my account is on "Basic" level. Looking at the invoices in my Evernote account I see one where it says I've got a "Proration Credit" for the "Annual Plus" subscription and paid for "Annual Premium" subscription - both of these are in the same Invoice from Evern
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