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  1. Spotlight is my friend here. I have an expansion in Typinator so when I type evp , Typinator types evernote "" and puts the cursor between the "_". So to find a phrase in Evernote , I envoke spotlight, I type evp THE PHRASE . I then scroll down the list of choices in Spotlight, select the one i want and press Enter to open the Evernote Note in Evernote - works for me until Evernote adds this 'feature" - I've given up waiting because it has been years since this "bug" was first reported. A workaround is to make a single word out of the phrase you expect to be searching for in the future - so "often searched for phrase" becomes oftensearchedforphrase - which is stupid of course but ...
  2. You can merge separate pdf files into one document containing several pdf files using Preview ( in my case version 4.2 on Leopard 10.5.8 ). Preparation: if you have scanned your pages as JPG's as suggested , open each one and save as .. PDF If you have scanned your pages as PDF, then ... proceed to : The interesting bit: Open each page in preview by double-clicking the files. They open as separate 1 page documents. Open the sidebar beside each page - if this is not already open - to show a thumbnail of each page. Drag the page 2 thumbnail from its sidebar into the sidebar of page 1 - ( Yes you can do this.) As you drag page 2 from its sidebar into the sidebar of page 1, note the red vertical line. This indicates you can now release page 2 so it can be appended to page 1. You can drag the pages around in the sidebar to change the sequence. Save the new 2 page pdf document.
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