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  1. I'm having the same problem of title text being truncated in list view. Very frustrating, since there's a lot of unused white space on most lines.
  2. I'm loving the 6.0.1 Evernote update on my phone, but the corresponding tablet version has (to me at least) a serious problem with list view. In the phone version, an entire line is devoted to the note title, which displays quite a bit of text: rarely truncated, and even more rarely truncated enough to make it hard to identify a note. The situation is quite different on my Nexus 7 tablet. In list view, the line is shared between the note title and any tags assigned to the note. The division between title and tags seems hard coded, so title text is truncated at the division even if there are few or no tags. And at least on my tablet, the truncation is very severe. For example, In my recipe notebook, there's a long stretch where all I can see is: Chicken - Chicken - Chicken - Chicken - Chicken - Chicken - Chicken - You get the idea. Bunch of chicken recipes, but no way to figure out which one is which. Ok, I can remember that the first one is "Chicken - Adobo Chicken", but after that, I'm lost. Since most of my notes have only 0-2 tags, the lines have a LOT of unused white space, increasing the frustration that the title text is so heavily truncated. I'd really like the list display be to identical to phone version - it just shows a lot more information. Any chance you'll reconsider/rework the tablet layout?
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