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  1. I really like being able to photograph business cards and upload them to Evernote. This will be a big help for me in managing business cards that I collect at conferences and Expos. But I am seeing more tech people who have added QR codes to their business cards. How about a feature that allows us to upload a QR code image to Evernote, and Evernote then reads the QR code, translates it, and adds it to the notes attached to the QR code image? (Hope I said that right and that what I'm asking for is obvious.) What prompted this is that there is no decent QR code reader for the iPhone (at least not that I've found), and practically every QR code reader available holds the translations in a proprietary database that you have to transfer from manually to get the information into your regular address book. For those of us who are already stashing business card images in Evernote, having a QR reader built in would save a lot of work.
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