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  1. Often -- but not always -- the Clipper creates multiple copies of whatever webpage I'm clipping. Most recently, it happened with this article -- https://www.americamagazine.org/politics-society/2017/06/12/case-against-bill-gates-mark-zuckerberg-and-philanthropy-we-know-it . The clipper created three copies of it. Any idea what's going on? I tried deinstalling and reinstalling the Clipper, but it still causes problems -- sometimes, not all the time.
  2. Can you please make it so that the clipping options can be hidden in simplified view so that we can simply view the article without clipping it?
  3. If I type the word "shuold" in Evernote, I know Evernote does not have spellcheck and it does not highlight as a misspelled word. But if I click on the word, it does recognize it as misspelled and even offers to replace it with "should" but this correction disappears instantly, so I can never click on it. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. I submitted a bug report as well. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
  5. No dice, unfortunately. Still the same problem.
  6. This issue just started for me with Evernote 7.7.8. For some reason, even if I make a small change in a note, Evernote sync bar progress is very slow, even though I've only changed a few characters in the note, and even though I just synced! Something has gone wrong, because this has never happened before. Any ideas?
  7. If I see a misspelled word and tap on it, Evernote displays a suggested replacement, but it disappears instantly so I choose it. And then if I tap on the word again, it simply shows me the formatting options, not the spelling anymore. Any idea what the problem is? I have the latest version. Is this a bug?
  8. It's really horribly slow. Does Evernote ever respond on these forums?
  9. This is very useful information. I modified it slightly and got all my notes imported. I'd been trying to import my notes from my iPhone, by first syncing the iPhone to Apple Mail, and then trying to send them to Evernote using scripts like Veritrope's script ( http://veritrope.com/code/apple-mail-to ... uage-beta/ ) or the simpler one at http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=9112 . Regardless, after a few notes are imported, I kept getting an error. Evernote said "Internal Error. An internal database error has occurred that prevents Evernote from functioning properly. If the problem persists, please contact Evernote Support." Applescript then said "Connection invalid" -- that the connection with Evernote was lost. I finally figured out that it was the Evernote title length limitation was the problem. First I used Bagpuss's solution, but it didn't completely solve it. I think the 255-character limit may be in fact lower than that (perhaps because of the "=85" added in the Applescript?). Anyhow, I lowered the limit to 200 characters and got every single note imported. This is my script, importing from a Notes subfolder called Notes Archive and going into an already-created Evernote folder called "Imported iPhone Notes" tell application "Mail" set theMessages to every message of the mailbox "Notes/Notes Archive" repeat with thisMessage in theMessages set myTitle to the subject of thisMessage set truncatedTitle to my truncateString(myTitle, 200) set myText to the content of thisMessage set myCreateDate to the date sent of thisMessage tell application "Evernote" create note with text myText title truncatedTitle notebook "Imported iPhone Notes" created myCreateDate tags "imported_note" end tell end repeat end tell on truncateString(txt, max) set txtLength to (length of txt) if txtLength > max then set txt to (text 1 thru (max - 1) of txt) & "=85" as string end if return txt end truncateString
  10. I'm having really weird problems with build 2.1 (142777). I've had the following problems: If I have a note that is titled, e.g., "Black Fox blah" and I search for "black fox" (without quotes) or even "black" - the note doesn't show up. But if I just search for "fox" it does. But this is not true of all notes. Sometimes typing my search query doesn't seem to do anything at all, but this only happened once or twice. I've had no problems prior to this update.
  11. Thanks for the great product. I want to suggest increasing the sophistication of Evernote's search powers. This would increase its appeal massively. DevonThink, for example, has an AI-like feature that allows you to see what notes have similar text to the note you're viewing. That would be great. So would soundex and synonym search. There's probably even more out there in the text analysis world, but what I've mentioned alone would increase Evernote's utility and popularity immensely, I think.
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