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  1. Thank you for the explanation of how the folder uploader works. Maybe I need to re-think my strategy around using Evernote as my online filing cabinet. I'm still struggling to find a storage solution that will let me search through my 1) correspondence, 2) documents, and 3) information snippets, all from a single interface. I was hoping I could use Evernote for 2 & 3, but maybe not. Thanks, - Bruce
  2. Sure. I use Evernote as my personal search engine. I find it to be the best way to search through all of my documents, notes, images, etc. For this purpose, the Web interface works just fine for me. Does this make sense? When I say "My Documents" folder, I literally mean documents. I do not synchronize media files. Hope this helps, - Bruce
  3. I like the auto upload capabilities of the Windows desktop client. I use this to upload all files in my "My Documents" folder. However, when I launch my desktop client, it also downloads all of my notes, which means it duplicates everything in my "My Documents" folder. Is there a way to disable this? If not, is there a program that monitors a designated folder and only uploads files to Evernote? Thanks! - Bruce
  4. I realize this might raise some controversy, but I would like some help in wrapping my mind around Evernote. I've been using the service for a couple of weeks, and love Evernote's ability to search text within images of printed text. I guess my handwriting is pretty bad, because I haven't had any luck with making my handwritten notes searchable. The geotagging of notes seems cool, but I have a blackberry and I can't see how I can perform a location based search. So aside from the character recognition capabilities, what does Evernote offer that is different from using your e-mail system as "your other brain"?? Both gmail and yahoo mail offer powerful search capabilities. They are accessible from various devices, and offer practically unlimited storage. There are browser plug-ins that make it very easy to e-mail web-page clippings to yourself. The character recognition functionality is great, but the inability to extract data from the images is a slight drawback for me (e.g. scanning business cards and importing into my address book). Please don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to knock Evernote. I want to like it. I just haven't found the main reason I would use this instead of a web based e-mail system in combination with a decent scanner. I would love to hear people's thoughts on this. Thanks, - B
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