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  1. I have had a chance to try evernote on my palm pre and I found that it works but I have some suggestions for improvement. I upgraded to the Pre from a 755p, before that I had a Palm 650. Here are the things that I really miss from my 755p and 650. These items helped me get through the day and I would like to see EverNote help me achieve this: [*:3vjptmt1]The ability to update a note within 30 seconds...(very important feature if I'm actually going to use this product). This is from unlocking to the phone to saving the note (Under 30 seconds PLEASE) [*:3vjptmt1]The ability to have different notes displayed based on tags/categories. This should be a default view setting. [*:3vjptmt1]The ability to show these lists in one line showing only the name of the note in the view, so I can quickly choose a list without having to search for it... (remember the under 30 seconds comment) [*:3vjptmt1]Have the application load quickly if it wasn't already open, and auto login. [*:3vjptmt1]The don't require us click on the edit button to make update... the reason we are in the note is to update it 99% of the time. An auto save feature would be nice. Thank you for your consideration of these features. -Ben
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