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  1. When you want an alpha/beta tester let me know. I've tested for Microsoft and several others. Thanks!
  2. Anyone want ink note support for the touchpad? I'd like to be able to jot down a quick note while driving. Even using only my finger.
  3. Sure would appreciate a nice optimized version of EN for my shiny new Touchpad. I can use the itty bitty version from the Pre, but it's hardly satisfying, though it will do in an emergency. HP is gonna crank out a couple pazzillion of them, you know.
  4. How about this? When I first open Evernote I get a list of my recent notes. Sometimes the note is old or out of date, or something I meant to keep only a short time. A quick swipe off to the side should delete the note, as in other WebOs apps. That would save the time to open the note first and trash it.
  5. Fantastic! One of my favorite apps on my new phone. Thanks guys! I love the search function too with the indicator as to how many hits there are. This is terrific!
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