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  1. Hello Browncoat, Yes, unfortunately my screenshot was from a note shared from an Evernote Business account. Your Box example further convey's the need for branding - much appreciated. Thanks for contributing, James
  2. Hello, We're using Evernote Business (EB) not just internally but for our customers as well. Today EB is still fresh and new, lot's of room for growth and improvement... so much potential. Today is where we stand... as EB matures a step forward could be something like supporitng lightweight branding (customer logo and background colors only) for EB cusomters looking to use EB for their customers (like we're doing). However, when I see my customers getting solicited to sign up for EN using shared links from paid for EB and Premium accounts, it seems like an unfortunate mis-step backwards IMO. If you would consider disabling this on links shared by EB & Premium, that would be great. There are different versions depending on the browser one is using, but below is what I took a screenshot of. I'm fine if you wanted to leave as is for free accounts, and I'm also fine with having a subtle "Sign up for a free account" link under the Evernote logo in the top left (or something like that), but the end user experience of having customers having to first figure out how to get rid of the prompt before they can look at what we've sent them is driving us crazy, and frustrating our end user community, most of whom aren't your typical "at-least-somewhat-saavy" Evernote user. Having to manage this new "end-user experience" also costs time and frustration on our side of the fence as well. Thanks for considering! James
  3. Hello, Just got off chat support and confirmed the following is correct: Hello, I'm pretty sure it's functioning as per current behavior but wanted to confirm: - create note in my personal inbox - move note to a business notebook in mac client - POSSIBLE - move note to a business notebook in the web client - NOT POSSIBLE Is what I'm seeing correct? Thx! Can we possibly get statement of direction from Evernote Business Product Management as to: Whether this is currently a planned improvement. An approximate* quarter as to when this improvement is currently targeted. * I get schedule slippage and won't hold you to it, just looking for something more than what I know now, which is nothing. Thanks! James
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