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  1. Ink note scrolling was fixed in 6.3, broken in 6.4, and @emerick said it would be fixed in 6.5 in the discussion below, but it does not seem to be fixed in this beta...
  2. Better handwriting support is really needed. The ink notes in Windows are not very good and haven't changed in quite a few years. Years! And the ability to search my handwritten notes is essential. With all the ways to put searchable content in Evernote, I would have thought handwriting would be the most sensible. Now that inking in general (and competition from OneNote) is growing, I hope Evernote will finally make this a priority. The inking system needs an overhaul, and please make all past ink notes searchable too!
  3. Just wanted to add a "me too" - this is a real problem for people using Surface Pro.
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