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  1. thanks a lot for sticking with palm pre support... really desperately waiting for the feature to browse / filter by notebook. until then, the app is kind of useless if you have many notes..., because i can just query them, but not browse them... :-( cheers, jan
  2. ... any hints when the next release is scheduled? thanks, jan
  3. just been abroad - where data roaming is definitely NOT an option :-) pls, make the app usuable in offline mode... cheers, jan - still a customer -
  4. thanks for building the palm pre evernote client. as a matter of fact, this was one of the reasons i decided pro pre :-) what i'm really missing is the fact that i cannot browse notes based on notebooks. i dont have a huge amount of notes, maybe 200 or so - but this is far too much to list them all. what i need is the ability choose the notebook to browse in... should be just a liste drop-down box on the top of the page, shouldn't it? ;-) thanks a lot for considering this, jan
  5. please add me to the 1% linux party ;-) btw, as you just reached the 1 mio milestone - this makes 10000 linux users. so i do hope that you care about 10000 of your customers... :-) cheers, jan
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