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  1. I was checking the count using the web platform. (www.evernote.com) It pretty closely matches the iMac Evernote app and the iPad Pro. Maybe a couple of notes off here or there, but nothing like missing 70 in a notebook or in another case 621 as is the case on the iphone. I have a few local folders that are all "Conflicting changes" (about 6 of those). I could delete those. And I have a genealogy folder with one note in it that is local. Thanks! Mark
  2. I noticed recently that some of my notebooks on my iPad Pro and iMac (which match just fine) are not syncing over to my iPhone correctly. For instance I had about 68 notes in a notebook called Madrid and they are all there in the iPad Pro and the iMac. However, on the iPhone, it is showing 0 notes in that notebook. I uninstalled Evernote, reinstalled , rebooted the phone. Same issue. Today I put a new note into my iMac in that folder and then checked the phone - the note was there, but none of the other 68 notes. When I check the number of notes on my iMac it says I have 13,547 notes. on my iPhone, it says 10,471 notes, so I'm missing a considerable number of notes. I'm running 11.1.1 on my iPhone, High Sierra on my iMac and 11.1.1 on my iPad Pro. Any thoughts on what to do? Thanks, Mark
  3. How do you know when this Full Text Search Index is finished?? I can look in Activity Monitor on my iMac and under Disk see that bytes are being read, but that doesn't tell me if this is going to go on for days or what. (I have around 13000 notes)
  4. I have the same issue. Doing the above suggestions, didn't help.
  5. Never did get a reply to this. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks, Mark
  6. I followed the procedure for enabling two step verification, received the code via text message, got the backup codes, etc., but it doesn't ask me for the code when I sign in. Just the same old sign-in. Any thoughts? Thanks, Mark
  7. I agree with GrumpyMonkey that the Atlas is handy. Nice to be able to put notes to places that you visit and later be able to see them in their location. I work in the travel industry, so particularly useful, me thinks. That said, something is tearing up my CPU cycles - Evernote public beta running at 113% cpu (how is more than 100% even possible?).
  8. It has happened a couple of times since the initial upgrade process. It its 100%+ and when I notice it I quit out (command+q) of EN and then restart it again and it is normal cpu usage. Yeah, it's not a thumbnail issue. Something is causing a grab of CPU cycles. From my Activity Monitor: Evernote, 229.8% CPU, 19 threads, 218.4 MB memory usage while idle. This happens every few hours, sending my MacBook Air fans into overdrive. I need to quit and restart Evernote to send CPU usage back to normal levels. I am having the same issue. it starts off ok when I open the program, but as soon as I click on a note to read - it escalates to around 113% and tends to stay there. Have to restart it and then it happens all over again. Mark
  9. What I was trying to figure out was where the home key was on my iMac wireless keyboard. After googling, I discovered it is Fn + the left arrow key. Not exactly intuitive. I guess other Mac keyboards actually have a "home" key? (This is my first Mac) Thanks, Mark
  10. Is there a command to move quickly to the top of the All Notes folder (or for that matter, any folder) ? When I open the desktop client, my list always seems to be centered somewhere down in the middle section and it takes a while to capture that sneaky scroll bar and move to the top of the list. Thanks, Mark
  11. Is there a simple way to copy a note into a different folder, so that you have the same note in two folders? Let's say I have a doctor's statement and I file it in a folder called Doctor Statements. Then let's say I want to copy it to a folder called Tax Deductible? Is there a way to do that? Thanks, Mark
  12. Gordon, Isn't there a setting on your iPhone for image size? If you know you're going to be uploading to Evernote, couldn't you pick a smaller size before taking the pic? I know on my Android phone, I can pick different sizes (640,1MB,3MB,etc) Mark
  13. I'm sorry but I've never understood that last statement. Is the idea that if we have NNW installed we use that script, even if we aren't using NNW? I have NNW installed and am unable to get LinkToEN to work. "The action Run AppleScript encountered an error." I have NetNewsWire installed as well and get the same error as you do, so not sure what is going on. Did you ever find the answer? Thanks, Mark
  14. No, that is set as "inline" (desktop version preferences) I can view the pdf files inline on the desktop version, but not on the web version. I don't see a preference setting on the Evernote web site to show them "inline". Is that by design? Thanks, Mark
  15. When I scan something to a pdf, it shows up in my desktop Evernote so that I don't have to open it in Preview. I see the complete document in the desktop version. When I go online, all I see is an icon for the pdf file. Is there a reason that I'm not seeing the actual doc itself? Thanks, Mark
  16. I'm a premium user and have synced some sensitive docs to the Evernote servers. Is there a way to delete that info? If I make a new notebook which is not synced and move my sensitive docs into that notebook, will that also remove them from the Evernote servers? I would guess perhaps that is not immediate, but does eventually happen? or? I understand my info is encrypted as a premium user,so I'm not so worried about the transmittal, but but I'm not so sure I understand how this information might be shared with "3rd parties". Could Evernote conceivably do that? Thanks, Mark
  17. @Macmarte - where is the link to the shared notebook though? I can see who I'm sharing it with, but if I want to send them a link again so they can find it, how do I do that? Thanks, Mark
  18. Nobody has any thoughts on this issue? Must not be a lot of sharing of notebooks, I guess. If you do have a thought on this, would appreciate hearing about it. Thanks! Mark
  19. Once you've shared a notebook with an individual, does this individual get any kind of notifications when you add new topics to the notebook? If not, is there a way to do this? Also, I don't see on my Evernote page the URL for the notebook I shared with the individual, so if I haven't posted in awhile and I tell this individual to look at my notebook, then he has to look through all his emails to find the link you sent him once upon a time? Thanks, Mark
  20. Glad I sparked some interest in this. I assumed since we could share our notebooks with the world at large, that there would be a way to see other notebooks. Guess I overjumped that conclusion. Mark
  21. Other than the few Evernote publicly shared notebooks (Ron's Tips, Epicurious Hamburgers,etc), how do I see or find other notebooks that people are sharing? Thanks, mark
  22. Dave, I'm using the app from the iTunes store for my iPod Touch and I'm also using the Firefox web clipper extension ( Neither lets me select into which folder I want to put my clip/note. That means I have to then go to the Desktop version and drag the notes around to the correct folders. Seems like that would be somewhat easy to fix - perhaps not. On a 2nd note, I would hope along with the many other fellow users that there would be someway to view notes offline (other than the imap workaround). Using an iPod Touch, it is particularly frustrating, as you're not always near a signal, yet you need your notes. I do realize you can "favorite" certain items and read them offline. Thanks, Mark
  23. How do I clip a note to a particular folder? It seems like notes go into the last folder opened on the desktop version. Even if I use web clipper, it seems to do that. Is there a way to specify where the note is going to end up before sending it to the desktop version? I'm sure there is, but I must be missing it. Thanks, Mark
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