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  1. Hi All, I also actively use Evernote for organising ideas fo work, home and learning. As noted above I see the tags and saved searches as key to organise ideas. My most cherished feature is the ability to save searches based on key words not tags. Looking at the competitors I also agree we don’t want Evernote to get too complex. In the future I want Evernote to be smarter and to be able to identify keywords that I type and then show me in a saved search these as a suggestion. (Google does this with photos). I want to be able to review these topics. In a way the tool could act like a “reflection feature” you wrote down this week about “Australia, chemistry, energy etc”. Here is the collected ideas you wrote on those topics. This would help me to reflect on an idea and build on it. For those studying think of it as at the end of the week Evernote reminds you of the key topics you learnt. Evernote suddenly starts helping you learn. Eventually Evernote could use AI and know more about me than me:) Pls like this idea if you agree...I am deliberately writing it here to get user support first.
  2. I hope this question gets to Evernote? I could not find a place to have the question asked. I am using Penultimate and syncing notes to Evernote. When I have finished with the note I want to remove it from Penultimate but leave it in Evernote. Evernote is my cloud of information. I dont want to pdf the note. Is there away to just turn off the sync and delete it in Penultimate. I can do this all in Noteshelf.
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