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  1. The older versions had a "Copy to" function that was a good workaround for Evernote's lack of "Duplicate Notebook" functionality. This feature allowed users to select multiple notes from a notebook and copy them to another notebook. Evernote 10 has completely removed this functionality altogether. I request that the team at Evernote either 1) Add this feature back in, or 2) Add a Duplicate Notebook feature.
  2. Right now I am using version 7.14 and when I check for updates it says I'm using the newest available version. Is Version 10 only available to paid customers, or is this a separate product altogether? I see that it's available to download, but am confused why I can't just automatically to version 10 from my current version.
  3. This idea was posted in 2012. It is now 2020 and this simple function of find/replace has never been added. Very sad...
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