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  1. I thought the same until I pushed myself to hit Win+Shift+s. If you really need to use one button you can create a very very short script in autohotkey to make it to one button: F4::<#+s
  2. you can use Start → Shift → s in Windows which lets you take screenshots with more control, I have started using it and I despise the basic full screen screenshot ever since.
  3. W tym momencie v10 działa u mnie płynnie, skróty klawiszowe mam rozwiązane z użyciem autohotkey. Jedyna rzecz której mi brakuje w nowej wersji Evernote to "proofing" w dwóch językach, bo w tym momencie działa tylko w języku głównym w OS. Drugiego języka nie bierze pod uwagę i wszystko co piszę po polsku na czerwono podkreśla, co bardzo irytuje. W starej wersji proofing działał we wszystkich językach dodanych w ustawieniach systemu operacyjnego. Jeśli Evernote uda się zrobić dwujęzykowy proofing to, żadna inna aplikacja mu nie dorówna, bo nawet w OneNote gdzie jest możliwość pis
  4. In the new Evernote I can only write notes in English, because my second OS language is not working. My second language set in Settings → Time & Language → Language is set to Polish, but it doens't work in general no-matter what the second proofing language is. In the old Evernote app it was working out-of-the-box, no setup needed, now it is even impossible to configure it. Please upvote so it's seen.....
  5. I have clicked already 10 times on the „Install and relaunch” button, the app restarts and prompts me to update it again. Yet no updates are actually completed. App stays on 10.2.4. No errors are shown.
  6. Maybe you have AltGr instead of RAlt on your keyboard, try replacing RAlt with AltGr in the script. You can read more about RAlt and AltGr here: https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/Hotkeys.htm#AltGr
  7. For everyone looking for a temporary solution and knowing AutoHotkey, add this to your script: RAlt & s:: Send {Text}ś return This will solve the problem by disabling the Evernote shortcut and writing ś. ❤🤎💜 And you evernote team solve this quick........... thats insane .....
  8. This is insane. Also The fact that the app language proofing stopped working in polish. What's worse, there is still no alternative to evernote we are stuck or go back to paper.. ALSO: RAlt + h opens a quick note window, this may be very bad for other languages. You should change every keyboard shortcut that uses a letter combined with RAlt without Ctrl.
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