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  1. Is there a way for customers to back up their own local copy of their Evernote Database?

    How are you backing up your other data at the moment? Whichever system you're using, just include the local copy of your Evernote database in that backup system. I backup my entire system to an external drive nightly, so when I started using Evernote, the database was automatically included in that backup.

  2. It seems to me that both notebooks and tags can be used to achieve the same thing in terms of categorizing notes and making it easy to find/browse them. Eg. I have a number of manuals in PDF format, so I create a note for each one, but do I put them all in a notebook called "Manuals", or leave them in my main notebook and tag them with the word "Manuals"? Are there certain situations when a notebook would be more appropriate and others when use of tags would be better, or is it just down to personal preference?

  3. PureText might be of interest. It converts whatever is in the Windows clipboard into plain text as you paste it. I use the keyboard shortcuts, so Ctrl+C to copy as usual, then Windows key+V to paste it in plain text. It's still formatted text on the clipboard so you can also Ctrl+V to paste with formatting if you need to. I use it all the time to paste things into Evernote without bringing across all the formatting/clutter.
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