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  1. 15 hours ago, gazumped said:

    In Evernote for Windows I just went for Help > Check for Updates and the existing app downloaded the update.  The installation was a bit hit and miss,  but that might just be my system...

    I have the Business version so the download button is greyed-out. It says I need to login as administrator to do the upgrade. I used the download link Iriska posted, and did a right-click and run as Administrator rather than login to Windows as Admin. All worked fine so now on 6.22.

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  2. Hi,

    I got a notification that 6.22.3 Public (308816) is available, but the link here - https://evernote.com/download takes me to which I already have. Does anyone know where I can get the latest version?

    Also the notification says an administrator needs to login to install it - does it mean login to Windows as admin, or can I just run the installer as admin?


    Many thanks.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Matt W. said:

    Hello @Speedie,

    I am not seeing it either in any of the widgets, but the speech-to-text option was there in previous updates. I will follow-up with all of you once I find out more about this change.

    Thanks Matt. I did notice here:


    It says "UPDATE: The Evernote Widget is no longer supported. It is now included with Evernote for Android. We recommend uninstalling the Evernote Widget and adding the new and improved widget included within the Evernote app."

    but not sure how to add the new version? I've just been using the one that appeared in the widget list after installing EN.

  4. Hi,

    If a Premium user is invited to join an Evernote Business account by their employer, does this mean their account effectively becomes free for them, as they are then part of the Business account which is paid for by the company?

    And if a free account holder is invited to EN Business, is their account effectively upgraded to have the same features as Premium (eg. no limit on number of devices etc)?

  5. So the Plus version is 34.99 per year, Premium is 69.99, maybe Family could be 99.99 for up to 5 users. Business is 12 per user per month so for 5 people that would be 720 per year. But Family version wouldn't need all the Business features like separate personal/business tabs and Single Sign-On. Or you could even have two Family versions - Family Plus and Family Premium, each wilth the same features as Plus and Premium but with a 5-user allowance.

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  6. After logging in with FF4, I got a pop-up saying EN hasn't been tested in this browser, that I might notice some unusual behaviour, they cannot guarantee everything will work, EN are working hard to make compatible etc. FF4 has only been out for a few days so that makes sense (I got the same issue as you with the image). Works fine on IE8 though, and I bet it worked in FF before I upgraded to 4! Don't know about Opera though.

  7. Hi,

    Just upgraded my Curve 8900 to the latest OS 4.6 and now getting "error communicating with the Evernote servers. You may need to set your carrier's APN" when trying to sign-in. I checked the APN settings for T-Mobile (in the UK) and they're correct and unchanged since before the upgrade. I tried uninstalling & reinstalling EN but to no avail. Anyone know what might be wrong? Other Internet app's are working ok.

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