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  1. How is this not a feature yet? Requested 10 years ago and pretty basic. I used to use Lotus Notes in the 90s at the company I worked and collapsible text segments were mind-blowingly useful. +1 request from me.
  2. Some time ago I mindlessly updated Evernote to the "new version" and then trouble started. Slow notes, vanishing content in windows, export options gone. It looks more like an "air" application - one that uses a web browser disguised as an app than an actual application built with my OS in mind (OSX). What boggled my mind is that on my laptop I still had the old version and it was SO MUCH BETTER. So I dug a little and realized I could use the "Legacy" evernote. I've swapped icons now in my OSX dock and use Legacy exclusively. It is irritating that Evernote would push an app that is c
  3. I have this same issue. I am trying to export notes and their attachments and the option is gone. It's "enex" or nothing for bath export. These new versions are really bad.
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