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  1. How is this not a feature yet? Requested 10 years ago and pretty basic. I used to use Lotus Notes in the 90s at the company I worked and collapsible text segments were mind-blowingly useful. +1 request from me.
  2. Some time ago I mindlessly updated Evernote to the "new version" and then trouble started. Slow notes, vanishing content in windows, export options gone. It looks more like an "air" application - one that uses a web browser disguised as an app than an actual application built with my OS in mind (OSX). What boggled my mind is that on my laptop I still had the old version and it was SO MUCH BETTER. So I dug a little and realized I could use the "Legacy" evernote. I've swapped icons now in my OSX dock and use Legacy exclusively. It is irritating that Evernote would push an app that is clearly a downgrade and have us work thru its issues, in the hopes of some distant payout. I don't see what need they had to rebuild something that was working well for something that is crappy at best. I suppose at some point in the future I may be required to make another decision - The Legacy might stop working, or it might not work well on Apple silicon. At that point in time my decision won't be upgrade or not. It will be upgrade or migrate to another service. I really hope Evernote gets their *** together with the client. Right now it is horrible and if I had to make the decision today I would probably switch to competing product.
  3. I have this same issue. I am trying to export notes and their attachments and the option is gone. It's "enex" or nothing for bath export. These new versions are really bad.
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