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  1. Please can we have SVG support added. I'd really like to clip the Feynman Lectures into Evernote but the images are all in SVG format and I don't want to clip every image one at a time into each chapter. Sample chapter: http://feynmanlectures.caltech.edu/I_01.html
  2. I've seen elsewhere that we cannot store offline notes for Evernote Android on external SD cards. Is that still correct? Is this going to change? One of the main reasons I bought a 32Gb sd card for my Galaxy Note 2 was to be able to take all/most of my notes around with me. It is very annoying that this is impossible. Please fix this, Evernote. Tony.
  3. Thanks all for the feedback and to @BurgersNFries for the tip. Actually, it seems the iffft script I originally built to store tweets does add a tag, and -tag:twitter has got me what I want. Thanks again.
  4. I store my tweets in a notebook called "Tweets" but they tend to drown out others in the "All Notebooks" list so I thought I'd create and save a search for all notes NOT in the "Tweets" notebook and use that. However, using the search: -notebook:"Tweets" and notebook:"Tweets" returns the same thing, ie only those notes in the "Tweets" notebook. Obviously, I'm using the syntax wrong. Can someone enlighten me, please? Thanks, Tony.
  5. That did it. Many thanks, Dave. Don't have to remember a different username any more t.
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