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  1. I still find it's really a shame that Evernote webpage full and partial clipping is soo deceiptful, to say the least. So far I'm using the Scrapbook plugin for Firefox (which saves perfect copies of the webpages for offline viewing) and Read it later, which saves perfect copies for online and offline viewing on iphone. I would like to do the same with Evernote. Other tools do it, why not Evernote ? Yes, right, security reasons. Why do you decide for me of my security needs ? What I want is perfect copies. Period. I'm willing to accept the inherent security risks. Isn't it possible to put these options in Evernote preferences ? Let me choose by myself. The bad quality of clipping is the only reason why I'm not using Evernote at the moment. Hope you'll improve this. Evernote seems to be a great product.
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