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  1. +1 calling for PDF clipping support! Thanks for the tip, ArthurC, I'll give Nitro PDF a try!
  2. 1) Possibility to ADD SPACE in ink notes. VEEEERY important for people who need to write/draw stuff between lines! 2) More/better hyperlink options. Instead of lots of different notes, I prefer to write long notes. This could be implemented by a TABLE OF CONTENTS, similar to a book's TOC, but of course with good hyperlinking support (similar to PDFs) 3) When you zoom out on a long note with many pages, you should get an overview of all the pages, from which you can easily navigate to any page. BTW I just watched some demo videos of the HTC Flyer with some version of Evernote (?). AWESOME!!! I'm a bit skeptical of the palm rejection system... maybe that's why the tablet is so small?
  3. The lack of an option to insert space between lines in ink notes is a MAJOR reason why I don't use Evernote anymore. I use the pen on my tablet PC a lot, and I often need to scribble additional notes somewhere in between the lines. How hard can it be to add such a feature?! Microsoft Onenote and even Journal can do it for chrissake...
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