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  1. I would like to vigorously agree with the complaint about the search highlighting in EN. In order to read the found notes, I have to unhighlight them. This is not ideal, but is tolerable for short notes (<1 screenful) with one ocurrence of the search term. But for any note that extends beyond 1 screen, once you have unhighlighted, you have to do a Find in order to see where the term appears in the note. This is a colossal waste of time—the option to use normal highlighting behavior (mark all ocurrences of the search term with yellow or some other color) while still being able to read the note would be GREATLY appreciated. As others have pointed out, virtually every other search—whether in apps or websites do not make the rest of the document unreadable.
  2. Just installed the beta since the release version wouldn't run on Fx13. Only tried 1 clip but it worked like a charm!
  3. I'd like to jump into this fray. On the one hand I hear Dave saying that the powers that be at EN have a vision of what EN is supposed to do. On the other hand, I hear a bunch of users saying that EN is a great tool that can be used in ways that you, EN staff, aren't envisioning. I believe that both can be satisfied. I appear to be one of the people that use EN in ways the staff wasn't envisioning. I'm NOT looking for a good backup mechanism; I have that. I'm looking for a way to make my information available to me whether I'm on my home computer (Ubuntu), office computer (Mac), smartphone or, in an emergency, some other computer (probably Windows). In addition I want to be able to search for what I need. EN is the best solution I have found so far for both those needs. The rub comes in because I have info that should not be available to anyone other than me. Of course I could find another mechanism for storing that info but then I'd have to maintain two sets of data & two programs. What I am suggesting, and what I think others here have suggested, is that there ought to be a way to do both--use it the way EN envisions if you want & protect some data if you want and are willing to give up certain features, such as searching. I don't see that offering that to the users who want it would endanger the focus that EN wants to maintain. And what it might mean is that it's a solution that's valuable to even more users! For me, I don't care a lot what the mechanism is. I think the encrypted notebook where the index is maintained locally so that the notebook could be encrypted and still searched, is the best solution. Next best would be an encrypted notebook that is not searchable. But I'm fine with the encryption of individual notes. What's not working for me right now (aside from the bug that puts tons of blank lines in an encrypted note) is the process of having to decrypt a note every few seconds. I can choose to decrypt permanently but then I have to remember to reencrypt when I'm done. Or I have to decrypt every few seconds. If EN isn't going to implement the notebook idea, at least provide a way to choose the amount of time before something is re-encrypted including an option to leave unencrypted until you exit the particular note. (For example in preferences you could select a # of seconds or 0 which would mean leave unencrypted until closing the note). I really like EN. I hope that someday soon I can stop wasting time looking for a solution that gives me what EN does now AND gives me good security. Thanks for listening and thanks, EN, for the great product.
  4. Ooglem, Thanks for the workaround. I'll try it. Engberg, I just deleted hundreds of blank lines from a particular note. The size of the note dropped from 36k to 5k! The 5k, of course, includes the blank lines added after I deleted all the rest.
  5. I love Evernote & have been using it for years. I am starting to use Evernote to store web pages I want to save. I had been using 'Scrapbook' in Firefox but am exploring using Safari & realized that I could use Evernote for both! What I'd like to request (urge!) is an ability to highlight text. I can use the color option to create an approximation, but it's a bit more complicated that I would like for this purpose. I know annotating can become fancy, but for me, simply the ability to block & turn the background of a chunk of text yellow by clicking an icon or using a key combination would be great. And as someone else mentioned, sticky type notes would also be nice, but for me, not essential. (If you want an example, add the Scrapbook extension & see how it works. It's actually more elaborate than absolutely necessary, but since it's available I do occasionally choose different highlighting for different purposes.)
  6. Unless I'm missing something, you can't sort notes alphabetically on the iPhone. Your choices are by creation date, update date or "relevance". Is it possible? If not, I heartily request it!
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