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  1. I've been a premium Evernote user for years and years. I've used it on Chrome, Firefox, and for the past five or so year, Opera. Just in the past couple of weeks, Evernote Clipper is refusing to clip entire articles or pages. It just arbitrarily ends the clipping area, with lots more below it. I'm attaching two screenshots of a long, link-laden, plugin manual page that I'm trying to clip for safekeeping. The first screenshot shows a full page clip, but you can see that the Evernote bounding box stops only a short way down the page. The second screenshot shows an article clip. I clicked + a number of times to expand the area, but this was as far as it would expand, stopping in the exact same spot. The Evernote Clipper is working flawlessly on Firefox and Chrome. What's up with this, Evernote? Why is your clipper not playing nice with Opera anymore?
  2. VERY unhappy about Evernote deciding to move my database without my permission! My C: drive is a fast SSD, but not huge. It is for the OS and programs only - data goes on my D: drive. Evernote had its own folder there - user specified - but you went and moved it anyway. I've now moved it back, but that fully tears it for me. I was an early adopter to Evernote, and a premium user for years and years. After going over a year where the Outlook clipper causes errors and disables functions in Outlook, making this critical function unusable, I've moved my working folders to OneNote, using Evernote just for reference note storage. Now, you do an update big enough to warrant moving my data without permission, but still haven't bloody fixed the Outlook issue. That's it. I'm done. I'll be getting the rest of my data off of Evernote and closing down my account, which is a real pity, as I used to love it.
  3. That's the add-in I'm using that stuffs up my Outlook. Totally untenable. And now, you've charged me AGAIN for a premium subscription. I'm formally requesting a full and immediate refund. I'll have all my notes migrated to OneNote by the end of the week. Furious.
  4. Since reporting this in September 2015, they resolved it, I upgraded to Office 365, it worked fine, and now the exact same thing is happening again and has been for a couple of months. This appears to be an ongoing issue and I am getting very frustrated with it. It's ***** up my workflow and I'm very close to giving up on Evernote and migrating everything to OneNote.
  5. I'm using Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 x64. I just updated Evernote and now it's stuffing up my Outbox. I know it's the Evernote Outlook Clipper, as I only use a few add-ins, disabled them all, and tested each individually. This is what happens: 1. I write an email and it goes to the Outbox. My send/receive happens every 30 minutes, so it could be in there for a while. 2. I click into the Outbox for some reason - need to alter an email, etc. 3. The top email in the Outbox will be un-queued for sending - it won't be italicised, has "none" in the send field, and won't send for blood nor money. 4. I have to delete it and redo the email, careful not to click into the Outbox before it's sent. This is a screenshot of the Outbox with some test messages in it, showing the first one unread (bold), but not queued to send (not italicised): http://screencast.com/t/BV4fCK3fsH5l I can replicate this every single time and it's a big pain in the arse. I'm a Premium user, I use this feature in Outlook all of the time, and it's very seriously stuffing me up! There are some forums saying that it's an add-in marking the message as "read" (even though it's still bold, which means "unread"). Please fix this!
  6. I use both Chrome and Firefox, and on both, the Evernote Clipper is grey and so hard to see on all but plain, pale backgrounds. I can easily see the icons for every other plugin and bookmark. Why can't you put a green box behind it or a border or something that isn't grey, so it's easy to see? At the moment, when I clip, I just have to aim for the blank space in my plugins bar, and considering that you're supposed to be so bloody easy to use, that seems a bit silly. This is a screenshot of the icon on Firefox: http://screencast.com/t/gcw9hp0MFR Here is a screenshot of the icon on a totally different type of background on Chrome: http://screencast.com/t/lrpfNkJh Again, ALL of my other icons stand up to varied backgrounds and themes except Evernote.
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