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  1. I see this prompt when I move a note to or from a shared notebook even when both notebooks are shared with the same people and AFICT, there's no way to turn it off. At least, please provide a way to turn it off.
  2. Hmm...Let me think about that. Four+ years of Evernote Premium use. Ratio: # of times when I've actually received help in the Forums versus Support=Zero (division by zero error) Why in the world would I expect help from Evernote Support? IIRC, I never got a response the last time I tried Support (also a Firefox extension issue--solved with regressing two versions prior--courtesy of this forum). And yes, I've already tried that with this problem. I never received a reply to my complaint about the Privacy TOS back in December either. (I've searched my mail for every instance with Evernote in the sender or subject.) Evernote knows who I am. If they wanted to help, I'd have an email in the account registered to this login, you know, the one they contact when it's time to renew/pay. They have no problem reaching out then. In all fairness, I don't expect anything from Evernote Support. I don't expect to ever talk to someone in support from Amazon or Google, or Microsoft or <insert $big Internet company here) over the phone. I was born during the day, but I wasn't born yesterday. If OneNote handled PDFs as well as Evernote, I've have switched a couple years ago.
  3. Add Firefox on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.4 with the same versions of FF and Ewebclipper. Tried the same remedies before I came here.
  4. Also tried: logging out of Evernote Web, restarting Chrome and trying to clip without logging in and I am not prompted to log in when I click on the clipper, it just spins. If I log into Evernote Web in another tab, reload the stalled page and try to clip-no change, just spins.
  5. Clipper's been spinning on a page for 5+ min (I deliberately left it to rule out load/resource/connection). I can clip using the Evernote Chrome extension. I can use Win-A on the Clearly-cleaned up page. I've removed the extension, restarted Chrome and re-installed. It's working on another PC.
  6. Environment: Enote Build 268178 on Windows 7 Pro i7 w/8Gb RAM The attachment, once added, is invisible. It's invisible in the Web client using Chrome as a browser. The only ways to know it's there is by the size of the note and filtering by attributes. Based on this thread, I had an idea of what to look for. On the first couple notes, there was a space or other invisible character at the end of the note. Using the Windows client, open the note in a new window and delete the invisible/space character at the end of the note. But in at least two notes, the invisible character/space was at the end of a paragraph. So I had to go to every EOL checking for invisible characters/spaces in most cases it's a space. I suppose I could export the note to an HTML file and then examine the source, but puleeze that can't be the intended solution. And why won't PDF attachments show up when using the "attachment" attribute? They only show up using the PDF attribute. That's counter-intuitive to me. YMMV.
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