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  1. I use Jotnot as well. I use my Iphone/Evernote app to upload the resulting photo to Evernote. I try to print the jotnot processed photo and it comes out blank. (these are photos of whiteboards). However if I e-mail the photo to myself and print on the same printer, it prints fine. Does evernote process the photo in a way that makes it not printable?
  2. I think I followed the directions correctly so I could use SMS and direct message 1. I followed myen on twitter. 2. I got a message back with a link and followed the link to connect my evernote account to twitter. 3. I send a text message with this format: d myen my message when I do that, I get a return message which says myen does not follow you. Send 'follow myen' to request. Which I did. I think the directions to set this up said that once I followed myen, they would follow back which they have not. Any suggestions? Thanks
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