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  1. I am a Korean subscribes to the premium because I love Evernote and I'm very disappointed in this 10 version update. 1. Font Setting : noting to change default font. (I've been using NanumGothic(Korean font) for edit note) + also can't choose font sizes 2. Spell Check Setting : I want to turn this off. Also it has terrible accuracy(Korean). 3. Missing note panel hiding in layout : When I was gonna modify the text, I launched separate window by double-clicking. Now it is very uncomfortable that there is no ability to hide the small note panel on the right side. 4. Tray Icon : Clicking on the icon allows Evernote to write a new note instead of running it. This is great! But it is inconvenient unless I use a shortcut because the tray icon list window that appears in Windows 10 does not turn off. Check the below screenshot. 5. Too slow in Android : This is serious problem. Every loading in Evernote Android is too,,,, slow....
  2. Like this, sometimes when I'm using the view - top or side list view, some texts are aliased. (Korean text)
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