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  1. I'm still interested in this. Here's my use case: I put multi-page PDFs in my dissertation research database, and I'd like to be able to read them page-by-page and take reader's notes on them--- ideally within the same note. I've tried making a 2-column table, then putting the PDF in the left column and the notes in the right column--- but that only works for the first page of the PDF, since scrolling down to see page 2 loses my notes. If I had an option to view the PDF in a note either as "all pages" or with one page on the screen at a time, I could pick the latter and I think it would work with my table trick. Alternately, possibly a more general solution: a useful 2-pane view where I can view 2 separate notes simultaneously--- the PDF in one pane, and a separate note for my annotations in the other.
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