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  1. I'm going to Apple Notes. It is simple, and I've been able to import my notes from EV. If you want to have the notes duplicated across devices, you have to create notebooks under the, "All iCloud" category and allow them to save to the cloud. When you open Apple Notes on another device, it downloads from the cloud. I'm going to maintain Evernote Basic until I'm certain I'm happy with this new arrangement. I'm still going to shop around though. I know I'm done with Evernote Premium.
  2. I've had evernote for 7 years I guess--been a premium member for most of that time. Over this period I've seen the annual cost of the app rise too much. As a Mac user, I have weird quirks in a note where Evernote just decides how it wants to format. That was one of a couple of support tickets over the last few years that never got resolved. I sent screen shots, recordings to show the behavior--and they never fixed it. It was time consuming--too much for my busy schedule. I wish it hadn't come to this--but I just finished exporting my notes to another app. It will be another couple of hours to clean up formatting issues between Evernote and the new app. In the process, every time I opened a notebook and exported the notes--I would have to reload the page before I could open a new notebook. Yet another in a long line of weird, annoying bugs or quirks. I just wish I Evernote had just once offered some compensation for the frustration over my years of loyalty as I worked around the issues. It is my hope that they figure out how to do a better job. The features are the best out there. Other apps are more simple--but I guess there's something to be said for learning how to simplify your life.
  3. You have offered no solution. You said you'd update us when you get one. This problem is not "solved" as you have indicated. It has been the same for several years now. Your company can't seem to solve bugs--that has been my experience.
  4. I have yet to have a support ticket that resulted in a fix for the bugs I've reported. I've put up with it for several years. I'm dropping back to basic membership as I transition to another note-taking option. Not ideal, but I'm tired of the problems I've encountered.
  5. I have the same problem! Does anyone from evernote read these forums?
  6. 1. I copy from the body of an email. 2. When I paste into evernote, it looks good. 3. In a numbered list, if I wish to add to what I copied and pasted, I go to the end of the last line and hit enter. 4. The cursor moves to a new line. I type the next number in the series, with a period after, and immediately the line indents. I'm not a computer techie so I struggle to do some of the upload things tech support has asked of me. I started working on this problem 2 years ago, and back then I gave them everything they asked. Still no fix. Anyone have an idea how I might escalate this issue?
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