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  1. Hello Evernote Community I need some feedback. I have 1 weekly to-do list in my checklists notebook. Here I list all my tasks for the current week. I have my personal and work related tasks in the same to-do list. But work tasks is grouped under the heading "Work" and personal goes under "Personal". Before I had my work related and personal tasks in seperate notebooks. It confused me, as I had to look in two notebooks to see my to-do lists. And I don't seperate work and spare time, as it is volunteer work. Btw the work I do is for a non-profit organisation. It makes sense for me, but I am not sure, if it is the right way to use evernote. What do you think? Another question about organising weekly to-do lists. I make a new to-do list every new week. I just move the old list down and make the new one at the top of the note. This makes sense for me, as I can see the tasks from the previous week and easily copy unchecked tasks to a new week. I could make a weekly to-do list in seperate notes, but it would be a mess, as I have other lists in my checklist notebook. Do you have any comments/feedback to my system?
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