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  1. Hey! BUMP! Come on, man. Now with this latest update you've removed the top list view. At least with that I could have the useless (to me) preview pane at the bottom, where it didn't take so much space away from the note list. Now I have to have it on the right side, where it takes up way too much real estate. Especially for something I NEVER USE! How many times do we have to ask? GIVE US THE OPTION OF HIDING THE PREVIEW PANE! Also, why would you remove the top list view? What was the point of putting out a new release that REMOVES FEATURES? Oh, yay. You've added some slick new things I'l
  2. Yeah, it's been going on for hours. So far just crickets from Evernote support.
  3. Yes, please. PLEASE. Need to get rid of the preview pane, especially in notebooks where it serves no purpose.
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