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  1. One of my main use cases for Evernote involves sharing notes on a consistent basis. Previously, sharing a note was part of the chat function. This was useful, since people could see when a note was shared with them in chat and quickly follow up. Also, the ability to add a chat message during the share process was convenient as well. Now, there is more confusion about when notes are shared — especially if shared notes are moved between folders. Would love to see the sharing notes process reincorporated with the chat functionality.
  2. I agree Todd this is a very good idea. I just really agree with what you're saying here.
  3. I would also love the ability to turn off automatic bullets. I regularly use "+" as a separator in some of my documents, and having this automatically turn into a bullet point is frustrating.
  4. I use the "drawing" feature regularly to take meeting notes. In my "meeting notes" notebook, I will copy my notes from the previous meeting since there are often several recurring agenda items to be covered. On mobile, copying a drawing is difficult and buggy. It can be difficult to select the drawing without going into editing mode, and the cursor seems to jump to the end of the note pretty regularly while I'm messing around with this. Would be great to have some sort of long press menu that includes "duplicate" or "copy" on drawings.
  5. I've had issues here too on notes with multiple editors. Seems like the auto-sync is not always very quick, so notes will get overwritten when someone re-opens their mobile Evernote client days after making edits.
  6. Just adding one more voice to the choir of users for whom tabs are an essential part of regular workflows. I am excited about the possibilities with a rebuilt app and many of the changes are excellent. However, the removal of tabs is extremely disruptive and I will be using the legacy client until they are reinstated—and potentially searching for another software solution.
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