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  1. Hello! I just got Evernote recently and joined the forum. I didn't know whether to put this under general or windows because I use this on windows and don't know what it looks like on other platforms. This is a very, very small change that could help people who are like me and are not observant AT ALL. I had version 6.22 on the windows 10 store that could not sign into google. So at this point, I have never used Evernote on desktop because of the bug. When I saw the update for 6.23, I quickly uninstalled from the store, downloaded the link from the patch notes post, but still couldn't sign in via google account. It kept saying "An account with this email address already exists." It took me about 10mins to realize that I was signing into the "Get a free account" section and below it says "Already have an account". Even though I saw the "Get a free account" I looked directly at "Sign in with Google" and thought, "okay I can just bypass and get into my account".... Wrong! Could this be changed to something else like "Register with Google" or at least "Sign up with Google" and not "Sign in" so the reader will notice if they already have an account that they are in the wrong area and will eventually look below at "Already have an account"? Thank you for your time.
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