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  1. This is an old bug that I've been seeing for well over a year. With text tool active click on the image Font size is tiny Press Escape to cancel Click again on the image. Font size is now correct. Please fix this :-)
  2. A month later no reply and I still have the problem. Does anybody from Evernote monitor this forum? If you won't let free users contact you to file bug reports...
  3. After I launch Skitch, take a screenshot and then click with the text tool, the font size is too small. I undo. and click again - now the text size is correct. This only seems to happen for the first text box created on a screenshot. Subsequent text boxes are the correct font size.
  4. Frustratingly this isn't fixed in 5.0.5 when pasting in URLs from Firefox or even a plain text editor. A couple of versions ago the URL used to be made clickable after pressing return.
  5. I'm seeing that the text area height (including scrollbar) is reduced after rotating the iPhone to any orientation. - Select a text note and enter edit mode (keyboard visible). - Rotate the iPhone to 180 degrees (or any other for that matter) and then back to normal orientation. - The editable text area has reduced in height. Seems to be the height it would be in landscape mode.
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