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  1. Ahaaa! The option key was the twist i was missing. Thank you for such a speedy reply. Re-indexing now.
  2. Upgraded to the latest version of Evernote 7.14 and lost ability to search through my notes on desktop. Tried re-syncing, tried logging out and back in. Tried deleting Evernote and re-installing. Nothing helped. When I search for a keyword, I can briefly see a list of found notes flashing in the search results, I can see a message "found notes with.." but the results tab is empty. The same search in the online account produces correct results. Please help me find a fix to the desktop search index issue. It's critical. Kind Regards, Marina.
  3. Critical Bug! Search is not working on Evernote 7.14 for Mac. The option to re-index the database is not available in the Help menu. Steps to reproduce: 1) Open Evernote on desktop 2) Type in a search word Result: No Notes with a search string are displayed, but there's a message that they were found (see screenshot) On the web search is working.
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