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  1. +1 N.B.: Linking to Evernote notes from my calendar is absolutely crucial to my workflow. That such basic features have been fumbled (drawing on iPad is another one: it's absolutely horrible) whilst Evernote is releasing new ones (e.g. Home) signals that they haven't shaken off their previous habit of bloating the app before the basics are done right - the whole reason they fell behind to the competition. To underscore the point: on MacOS, if I click "Send Feedback", I get the message "We are listening." And, you guessed it, the feedback link doesn't open correctly. It goes to Safari and says it can't find the page. What a mess. If Evernote were listening, they'd have delivered the basics and the features people have been asking for for years, like encrypted notes (available on Notejoy, Apple Notes, Bear...). I have very little hope that Evernote will listen to this about the x-callback-url problem. No doubt they're busy cooking up some new feature nobody needs. Come on Evernote! Start actually listening and sort out the basics!
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