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  1. Oh. Darn. You got me all jazzed up for it. Would be a sweet way to make a video journal. Lots of bandwidth I imagine though.
  2. Video note on webcam with Windows? Really? I thought it was just a webcam image capture. Sheesh. I'll try it again later tonight.
  3. On a windows client, I can see this happening very easily. If you click on the file icon (word, PDF, excel or whatever) and accidentally hit the delete or even backspace it goes bye bye. It does it without warning. I'd like to see a "are you sure ya wanna delete that?" conformation before deletion of a file.
  4. I think using the * symbol could bring up a lot of unintended issues if using it to search.
  5. Do ya got a iDevice? Try it from there. Try logging onto the web version of Evernote and email the note from there.
  6. Is the note in your "Sent" folder. I forget how it works on computers, but on my iPhone when I send a EN note to somewhere it uses the iPhone email software.
  7. Yeah. that's true. Glad someone understands all that stuff.
  8. Perhaps shopping for a tv/car/house etc The stars let you know where you stand as far as what items/places you liked more vs the others.
  9. Why the heck would user.active mean user is inactive? Who comes up with this stuff?
  10. Everyone just settle down a tad. Let the guy complain a little. Most of us have done it on this site or others. No, this forum is not a place to sit and whine all day long, true. But attacking the persons English is not cool. EN is used by more than perfect English speakers. Like me more instance. But still, I've had to contact customer support a few times and got good responses for all of em. Maybe it's the way the OP is asking for the help. Too aggressive perhaps. Anyway. Sorry about the data loss. That is never a good thing.
  11. I have never lost data without my personal doing. Been using EN for just under 3 years or so.
  12. Does they same thing on my iPhone using the safari and the "unofficial" bookmarklet. Even Read It Later had trouble. Maybe it's protected.
  13. I do a little of both. When I find a recipe that I like from a site such as food.com, I make sure it's set for the proper amount of people that I would usually make it for. Then I send it on over to EN. Then most of the time I use the EN'ed recipe. If I have more or less people, I can click on the URL tagged on the EN note and adjust accordingly via the food.com website.
  14. Search the forum for better results. But as a basic answer, highlight the text you want with the mouse and clip it. There are boxes that you check usually where u choose "clip selection" or "whole page".
  15. + 1 I scan many documents using my Lexmark 805 right from the scanner. It's not even hooked up to a computer. And yes, the printer assigns the PDF a filename (and it's not random. It's like SCAN001.PDF 002 etc). This kinda sucks because now I have more than a hundred PDF's called SCAN001. Changing the filename in EN would be much appreciated.
  16. Lexmark 850 pro It has a bad and auto feeder. It can be operated totally wirelessly after setup no computer need to scan. (need witless network). It has "app" type things that uses the Internet. Evernote is one of them. It basically just emails the document to your Evernote account and ya can't easily send to particular folders, tags etc. Thats one CON. The other is that it's only one sided scanning. I use it regularly though and am happy with it. It IS a few years old and you would have to buy the current version from Lexmark.
  17. More info is needed. But yes, you can most certainly copy multiple pages to EN. It depends on how you are doing it. My Lexmark Scanner 850 Pro can scan many pages through the autofeeder or bed and be sent to EN as on document. You can use iPhone apps like JotNot Pro to scan pages with the camera and create PDFs. Cheaper than using a copy machine and makes pretty darn good PDFs. (assuming you have good lighting) Mark
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