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  1. Sorry about my tone. I was a Coder, but never involved in the operation and support of a large user community and a large, essential, and flexible tool, My bad... But that was no excuse for my incivility. I'll look at the blog and beta to learn. Thanks for the information and response. p.s. I even have more to apologize for. I now note that I did submit this to your support requests and got a "read and noted for the development team." I should have remembered and that is satisfactory. Sorry again.
  2. It may be that this deserves a separate top level topic and separate suggestion need separate titles as they are specific, e.g. "Forum suggestion" ... . Also it may be that there should be a way of asking questions ""Forum question" ... My initial suggestions are: 1) Show the votes up when showing the Titles and also 1.1) allow the user to sort on the most popular titles, e.g. Voted up and on Number of replies. 2) Have evernote respond as possible, to the most popular topics as Will be implemented RSN, Not in the current path, etc. for Popular topics at least. 2.1) allow the uses to select/sort on those that are responded to, or not, by Evernote. 3) Point to an FAQ and User Document of the Forum. 4) In the Evernote app and web put a pointer to the Forum (as Feedback), perhaps as one of the topics under the Account. 5) Allow the user to select on the basis of tags. What I would like to explore is the possibility for users to commit money to a "Feature Development Staff". my thoughts are still in development, but it would be a way for users to pay for the first year access to a feature that they want but your own development team is not considering as essential to your own general community. I'd suggest that the ideas that 1) You consider reasonable be responded to as having an estimated cost of say "$cost.00" to develop. (with some profit and overrun) 2) Any user could commit to purchase an initial "$user.00" access to this feature for its first year. 3) If it is developed, i.e $cost.00 < total($user.00), then the user would be charged the minimum of: $user.00, or the ratio of $user.00/Total($user.00) for that year. and uncommitted users would be charged some reasonable cost that would be used to subsidize next years Feature Developments. 4) After the first year the feature would be included in the main product as you would have recovered the development costs and the committed users would have have gotten the first years value. Obviously the benefit of this is that it allows users to express their idea as to what features are in general ,or specifically, of value to them and for you to have the capability to express the cost of these features and to "hire" developers for specific development. Thanks. ............................................................................
  3. I loojked for "You are leaving Evernote" and found the 2016 thread and added my comment which seems to be labeled as "Web beta" ... I hope that it is found, replied to, and implemented (or rejected) by Evernote RSN... I will be noting some of my own suggestions on the forum in general later today. but I sugggest at least there is a tag as to where a note is posted in the headline? so people can determine if the suggestion is properly visable.
  4. STRONGLY AGREE as a PRO user... Especially since it seems a TRIVIAL fix and there are no disagreements that I see or responses from EverNote as to the effort to implement this suggestion in the last 2+ years. 1) I'd like to be able to GoTo a link immediately rather than having to go thru the "You are leaving Evernote. ..." dialog box. ... I realize the difficulty of differentiating between he Edit link and the Goto link. so here are my preferences: 1.1) Click on the link to GoTo and Long Hold and in the Dropdown menu to [Edit] and [Remove] and [Goto]. 1.2) On PC, If you don't want to do 1.1), at least have a third option [GoTo]. (re: links) 2) Document in the "Insert Link" dropdown [Chain] the CTRL-Key that can also be used to do the function. Note: Do this with other appropriate dropdowns and implement as many CTRL-Keys as reasonable. Note: If others dislike this, you could allow me/them to set this behavior as a Note-by-note setting.
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