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  1. No, it was Toodledo. I managed to do it, finally, and now all my notes are in Evernote. I found a script online to make my .CSV file into individual notes. Then I put them into Evernote using the Windows Send To command (another suggestion I found online). That worked, to a degree. It made the filename the note name, and put the body of the note into Evernote's body, but it took me days of searching and playing with different scripts to do this. As I said, I know it's not feasible for Evernote to write an import script for every product out there, but if there was one script that could read an Excel file that had the name in the first column and the note in the second, that would help those who are able to get CSV exports of their notes.
  2. Regarding shopping lists, I use Out of Milk (not to be confused with Remember the Milk), which allows us to add to a shopping list and then sync so the other person sees the update. It's the one thing (shopping lists) that I could never get to work well in any task management or note management system.
  3. I agree that writing import routines for every note app out there might be fiscally unreasonable, but maybe some of the people asking for this will become Premium members once they are sure that Evernote can import their existing notes. Maybe not, that's true, but also consider that when competing software is about to disappear, you may get more than just one occasional new user. I started with Evernote a long time ago, but didn't keep it up because at the time there was some reason I couldn't use the phone app. There was a competing app that I could use, so I switched to that. So now I want to switch back. I have just over 300 notes that I want to import into Evernote. They're currently in a .CSV file, but I've also exported that as individual text files. Maybe I can find a way to convert those text files to HTML (I know how to code HTML, but I'm not going to do it manually for 333 files). I did discover that if I can view a note in Chrome, I can use the web clipper to get it into Evernote, but I have to do it one at a time, copying the actual title into the Title space (currently Evernote puts the name of the web page in there), and it appears that the body of the note is not searchable. (Does anyone have suggestions on how to import from another app?)
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