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  1. It's pretty much any link from Twitter, for example. I just re-installed the latest Clipper and re-tried, and still found the problem. Example URL: http://t.co/f6QQEiIKZU but it seems to affect anything that uses an immediate redirect. Cheers, Matt
  2. I'm seeing the "freezing" behaviour pretty often, especially when visiting sites which do a redirect -- e.g. hitting a t.co link from a twitter client, and so on. It is somewhat intermittent, though. I think this little screen capture I just took pretty clearly shows the difference having the web clipper extension enabled makes for me: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f4bjbj493qodvod/web_clipper_issue.mp4 For now, I think I'm going to leave it turned off... Matt
  3. I'd swap most things for an app that just worked how the last version of the app was supposed to work. I have all the features I want. What I didn't want was to be completely confused by this new functionality, which was quickly followed by the message "Synchronization failed. NSInvalidArgumentException". Helpful. However, having checked the Evernote Trunk, I found the "FastEver Snap" iPhone app, which does what I mostly want the normal Evernote app to do, i.e. take a photo and send it to Evernote without trying to be too clever. At least these latest problems have found me something I can use
  4. Is there any way of turning this off? If not, is there any way of manually deleting the note title and leaving it empty? I mostly use Evernote mobile for snapping photos on the go; they don't need titles (they're just for quick reminders I'll see next time I'm checking my RSS feeds), and I don't really want to have a random title attached to all these notes. In my case, today it's pulling the name of one of three "to-do" items that are due today from a secondary Calendar on my phone. If I have a reminder in my calendar for today called "Buy cheese", it's quite unlikely that all the photos I'm
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