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  1. I was not aware you could view a PDF document in Evernote in the Preview applications. How do you do that? When I right click the item in the desktop application or in the browser, I do not have an option to view or print in Preview in the contextual menu. When I double-click the item it opens in the web browser and I can print from it. Another problem when printing from any application, it prints some images in Landscape in error and I cannot change the orientation in the print dialog. Also, when saving a document in PDF to Evernote, it surrounds the image with a black canvas type boarder that also shows in the printed copy, which I do not want.
  2. When I use the Evernote button installed on Safari's toolbar and selecting it using the shift key prints the current web page to the Evernote App exactly how I want it to show (rather that Print to PDF that does not create the web page the way I want it). However, if you try to print that PDF from the desktop Evernote application, it prints it too large and cuts off much of it. I have to go into page setup of Evernote and set the reduction to 50% every time I print. I have patiently anticipated this being fixed, but it has been too long in my view to have not fixed it by now. I believe that bugs like this should be fixed in priority before new features. This is not making my user experience with Evernote the good one it should and would rather see this fixed before new features are added.
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