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  1. Bonjour,

    J'ai aussi le même problème ennuyant que vous (disparition du raccouci à la barre des tâches) mais ironiquement, mon raccourci est resté intacte au passage de la version 10.21 à 10.22.

    Présentement , Evernote est en phase de transition car il se repose sur une nouvelle base de code (Électron) et cela représente beaucoup de défis pour l'équipe de développement, ce qui explique les mise à jour fréquentes , peut-être avec le temps, lorsque Evernote sera plus stable, les mise à jours seront moins fréquentes.

    Il y a aussi l'option de télécharger la dernière version de Evernote sous l'ancien code (la version legacy) en attendant que le "nouveau Evernote" soit plus stable, vous ne serez plus ennuyer par la mise à jour.



    Hi !

    So far so good from my side , updated (or switched) from premium to personal account.

    Find a way to connect my google calendar (nice addon , very appreciated) and everything seem ok

    The only problem (Hope, it's not really a problem) from my account setting , Billing History, my next paid amount was disappear (was 89.99 CAD , grandfathered Premium price in Canadian dollars)

    Hope that I won't get a bad surprise for my next billing payment

    Note;  From the screenshot, it's the french-canadian version , in english it's the billing history section , with "next billing date on...(date)"

    Have a nice day




  3. 1 hour ago, eric99 said:

    This is a good advice, except maybe for Plus users: once switched to Premium you never can return to Plus...

    I confirm, you can't revert back...Me too, I was from the "Plus" plan and I wanted make a try to the Premium plan (with the 40% discount)

    The premium plan was okay but an overkill for my needs, I tried to revert back to the Plus plan but I was doomed...

    At least , I got a grandfathered price (I'm a paid user since 2010) , that's okay Evernote is still my powerhorse for my productivity needs , I assum my choice.



  4. It's really weird, it doesn't work from my laptop(from my issue), but I make a try on my main device (desktop PC) and it work, I write this post now from Firefox,

    The only trick is the annoying page that I've to allow the Evernote extension and if I allow it, I'm redirected to a page with a tutorial video. 

    It seem a "device" issues that why it's work from some user and other not...

    Have a nice days and thanks for your help

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  5. Hi !

    I suddenly got a weird issue when I login my web client from Firefox.

    I got an error message that the login page is misdirected, maybe caused by a cookies denied or desactivated.

    I make a look and all cookies are activated, but I still get the error page , even when a clic on the Evernote web clipper or login to the Evernote forum , I got this error page too

    I clean historic, cookies and everything , but the problem persist 

    But it's only on Firefox, Google chrome (used to write this post) and MS Edge , work correctly

    Is there any way that I can resolve this issue ?

    Thanks and have a nice day


    Firefox ver. 88.0.1 (64 bit)

    EN Web client ver. 10.13.4


    2021-05-13 16_40_03-Erreur de chargement de la page.png

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  6. Hi

    Did you try this...

    1. Uninstall your current Evernote installation

    2. Go to...C:\User\yourname\Appdata\Roaming...delete the Evernote folder (note:  Appdata might me invisible, simply show all folder)

    3. Then install the new 10.4.4 version (in this case Evernote will ask again your credential and it will start fresh)

    It's my trick when I got problem with Evernote installation

    Have a nice day



  7. Good day Shane,

    Yes, exactly!  I got this error screen , but worst than Stacey's case, I don't have acces and Navigate from my Evernote screen, I got only this error page on loading, and of course, reloading the page doesn't work, back to the error page.

    I revert back from previous version that the only fix for me now. 

    Thanks Shane for your help and time.




  8. Hi everyone,

    Simply to report

    I upgraded my Evernote (window desktop) from 10.3.7 to 10.4.3 and this new version doesn't work , attempt to load and got an error screen that it can't load the app and suggest to retry, but still crashed even if a retry to load. I take a look from my web version , and everything is fine (all note are there, my account is okays ect...)

    I uninstall and back to the version 10.3.7 (I always keep a old version of setup installer) and everything is okay and back to normal.

    Have a nice day


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